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A JNANE INES We take special care to rejoice and put all your senses throughout your stay.

  • The natural beauties of JNANE INES, gardens, flowers, plants, trees, rejoice every moment your view. Whether in sunlight or subtle clarity candles, your eyes will attend to you in a state of well-being and incomparable comfort
  • The scent of herbs, lemon, orange, jasmine and roses, the wood of your bed and the thousand and one flavors of the beautiful Moroccan cuisine, for your smellWill transport you to a magical world subtly, calm and soothing,
  • Birdsong, the gentle murmur of water, rustling leaves in the wind, your charm hearing,
  • Delicacies and Moroccan pastries, prepared with taste , Control and love, delight your palate and your desires rassaieront,
  • you willaffected and caressed by the gentle sheets, the wind, the warmth of the water, the delicate warmth of the stones under your bare feet, and massages and scrubs our staff hammam.

We put our sense of hospilaté Moroccan, unique, rich, warm and welcoming especially at your disposal, so that all your senses are Enchanted and staying at JNANE INES both enjoyable and memorable.

Mustapha your servants and Naima.